Interviewing Company Stakeholders for Managed IT Services

When engaging with any new client, managed IT services providers typically conduct a series of interviews with key company stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of the business’s technology needs and risks. Getting to know and understand your business is key. Without a deep dive into your company, your solution will be generic and not help you meet your business goals.

Here are a few steps that the managed IT services provider may take during the interview process:

1. Identify Key Stakeholders

Red Level, for example, will typically start by identifying the key stakeholders who will be involved in the decision-making process regarding the business’s IT infrastructure. This may include IT staff, business owners, department heads, and other decision-makers.

2. Conduct Needs Assessment

During the interview process, the managed IT services provider will assess the business’s technology needs by asking stakeholders questions about their current IT infrastructure, pain points, and future plans. They may also review the business’s existing technology documentation, policies, and procedures.

For example, the provider may ask questions such as:

  1. When you think about your IT department, what’s keeping you up at night? What is or isn’t happening?
  2. What software applications do you use on a daily basis?
  3. How do you currently manage your network and devices?
  4. Have you experienced any security incidents in the past?
  5. What are your business goals for the next 1-3 years?

3. Evaluate Risks and Vulnerabilities

In addition to assessing the business’s technology needs, the managed IT services provider will also evaluate the business’s risks and vulnerabilities to identify potential security threats and other risks. They may ask stakeholders questions about the business’s current security protocols, data protection measures, and disaster recovery plans.

Additionally, a provider may ask questions such as:

  1. How do you currently handle sensitive data?
  2. Do you have backup and disaster recovery plans in place?
  3. How do you monitor for and respond to potential security threats?
  4. How much training have your employees received?

4. Develop a Customized Plan

Based on the needs assessment and risk evaluation, the managed IT services provider will develop a customized IT plan that addresses your business’s unique needs and vulnerabilities. The plan may include recommendations for hardware and software upgrades, security protocols, data backup and recovery strategies, and ongoing maintenance and support.

By interviewing your key stakeholders and conducting a thorough needs assessment and risk evaluation, managed IT services providers (like Red Level) can develop customized IT plans that help your business optimize its technology infrastructure, mitigate risks, and improve productivity.

The interview process is a critical step in building a successful partnership between the provider and your business and can set the stage for ongoing collaboration and support. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients, and it’s been the key to our success.

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