Here’s a Good Idea: TEDxDetroit

Think of every good thing you’ve ever seen happen – in your own life, in the lives of your family and friends, or in the world around you. What do they all have in common?

Chances are that they all started with the same thing: A good idea.

Ideas are powerful things. They have a way of setting events in motion – for better or for worse – and transforming themselves from possibilities into probabilities, and from probabilities into realities. A groundbreaking scientific discovery, a lifesaving medical procedure, a major humanitarian initiative, a brilliant work of art – all begin from the same modest foundation: An individual or a group asking themselves “What if?”, and letting a new idea come into the world.

One thing about good ideas: They tend to feed off of each other, and multiply by mitosis. When a good idea is shared, it has the power to inspire others, leading to the generation of new ideas, new discoveries, new creations. They in turn can inspire countless more.

Sure, it’s possible for ideas to happen in a solitary vacuum, but that’s probably not the best place for them to flourish. That’s why there’s TEDxDetroit. TEDxDetroit is an outgrowth of the legendary “ideas worth spreading” TED talks (“TED” standing for Technology, Entertainment, Design). It’s one of countless annual TEDx events happening in cities across the country and around the world which draw together their areas’ most inspired and inspiring, motivated and motivated people. Thinkers; doers; people who make good things happen, and who aren’t shy about sharing their ideas and inspirations with others.

This Thursday, TEDxDetroit is pulling together 32 of our area’s most outstanding, inspiring thinkers and doers for a full day of ideas and inspiration at Detroit’s beautiful Fox Theater. Drawn from industry, from fashion, from business, from technology, from the arts and just about any other discipline you can imagine, they’ll be sharing their ideas and inspirations from dawn to dusk – and hopefully helping to jump-start inspirations for a couple thousand excited attendees.

In recent years, Red Level has been a proud sponsor and active supporter of TEDxDetroit. We love the concept of “ideas worth spreading,” and we see the real-world value they have as we watch the steady transformation of the city, our region and our state. Ideas like the ones you’ll hear at TEDxDetroit are the fuel for the next wave of brilliant startups, amazing inventions, blinding inspirations, and cool technologies that will emerge from our region, and Thursday’s event is our opportunity to get a “sneak peak” at just what this future will look like.

We have no idea, really, what exactly this diverse array of performers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, educators, designers and others will choose to share with us. If there’s one thing we are sure of, though, it stands to be fresh, exciting, transformative, and energizing. After all, we’re talking about ideas here – good ones. And good ideas are just about the only thing we can think of with the power to change the world.

Hope to see you there!


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