Software Development

Top 5 Software Development Trends in 2019

In the world of software development, you’ve likely heard a lot of fancy terms; machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, the list goes on and on. But how many of those have been proven to last and will remain impactful to us in 2019? Let’s take a look what’s here to stay in 2019 and how they may affect you. 1. Big Data is Just Data Now Big data was a hot topic a while back. But, it’s no longer, “hey, big data is coming.” The notion now is “bigger data is here.” What used to be constrained as too much data to process is all possible now thanks to cloud providers. Data is now decentralized from the local server and in the cloud, which provides a better disaster recovery plan and greater computing power for processing the data. From a business perspective, data has become a ...


Is It Time to Renovate or Rebuild?

Renovate or rebuild? Let’s look at a timeline for any application. This may seem like a broad generalization, but this is usually how most timelines of new applications go. At first, you are all excited because you just got a new application. It’s all shiny like a new car and maybe even has a fun new car smell. You start using it and it is working just like you wanted and things couldn’t be better. Let’s fast forward about 3 years after the initial install date. Now you have been using the software for a few years and it’s still great. All your employees love it because it is simple to use and never gives you any trouble. It is getting a little old, so the overall look of the site, as well as the new car smell, are long gone. However, you don't worry about it because it's still ...