Phishing Attack

What is spear phishing and how can my company avoid it?

The average person receives 16 malicious emails per month. A 2018 study of 500,000,000 emails found one out of every 101 emails received were malicious. Are your employees properly educated about this? Or will they click a link that could cost the company millions? Most of the time, the greatest risk to your company’s internet security are the people who work for it (including you). One click on a malicious email—even one that looks like it comes from a friend—could seriously damage your company. New employees are the most at risk for being duped. [1] What is Spear Phishing?  Spear phishing is an attack in which hackers trick targeted users into sharing confidential information. It can also involve tricking the [...]

Google Docs Phishing Attack

If you haven’t seen the news alerts, there is a unique phishing attack going viral today exploiting Google Docs. It starts very legitimate using Google’s genuine sign-in page and then authorizes a malicious app named “Google Docs” to access your Gmail email and address book. For full details, see: I was sent an email by a legitimate business contact that may be a real example of this phishing attack but Microsoft shut it down in 2 ways: It moved it to my Junk Folder and blocked the link (see below) “SafeLinks” within Exchange Online’s Advanced Threat Protection (EO ATP) blocked it (see below) Make sure your organization doesn't fall victim to the latest phishing attack