OneNote: How to use it in an organization

What is OneNote? OneNote is, as its name implies, an electronic notebook. It excels as a personal tool for recording ad hoc, unstructured information that you need to write down quickly without the need for a lot of planning and organization.  Information such as: Names, addresses, phone numbers Outlining/brainstorming documents Research notes Planning schedules and appointments Meeting notes Note that many of these information types may have a better place to record them in a structured way for sharing in the organizations.  For example: Contact information can be stored in Exchange, either in your personal contacts or in shared contacts; or in a CRM system. Finished documents should go in a document management repository. Research notes and meeting notes, however, are particularly good candidates for long-term storage in OneNote. Meeting notes also take advantage of a second key feature of OneNote—the power to share notes and even co-author notes with ...