6 Ways a Digital Workplace Connects Team Members – and Builds a High-Performance Organization

"Employee engagement” is a term you see a lot these days – generally from anguished managers concerned about their disengaged workforces, or from the ranks of consultants eager to jump in with a quick fix to the problem. You probably won’t hear much about it from employees.  They don’t care about “employee engagement.” At all. What employees do care about: Having a convenient, effective way to get the information they need, make their voices heard, share ideas, and get their work done. The same things they have always cared about, but previously weren’t a problem in the days when everyone worked under the same roof at the same time. In the era of the mobile, geographically-dispersed, always-on digital workplace, that’s [...]

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3 Pillars of the High-Performance Digital Workplace

Ask any random group of employees how they’d characterize their company’s intranet and chances are their responses will be less than enthusiastic. Usually, there are good reasons: The intranet is a confusing labyrinth where vital information seemingly goes to hide; it’s a drab top-down exercise in one-way announcements; or it’s a rarely-viewed, seldom-updated ghost town. In other words, it’s neither the best business tool nor the best representation of a digitally-empowered business. But why does it matter? It is the cornerstone of your digital workplace that consolidates your organizational information and connects your employees. Red Level knows that a better digital workplace is not only possible, but it’s also easy to create and administer, provided companies take the right approach [...]

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Why A Quality Intranet Matters

We’ve all been there. You’re working for a company where the office culture is great, you get along with your co-workers and you love your job, but there’s one thing that drives you NUTS. No, it’s not the coffee maker that’s constantly on the fritz – it’s the intranet. From its lackluster search functionality to straight-up counterintuitive design, intranets often aren’t a glimmering example of usability. Often left on their own for years at a time, intranets become crusty and sad, leading to their often groan-inducing response. The reason behind it is understandable – in the midst of all the day-to-day work, it’s hard to focus on enterprise-wide solutions. Not to mention, the task of updating your intranet can seem [...]

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