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CASE STUDY: Apps Help AJAX Paving Keep Drivers, Jobs, and Payroll on Track

How Red Level helped AJX Paving keep drivers, jobs, and payroll on track

With an extensive fleet of hauling trucks, a complex logistical landscape, a continually shifting slate of projects, and tight project timelines, AJAX Paving Industries of Florida needed to manage drivers’ time effectively and efficiently administer payroll—their outmoded paper-and-spreadsheet methods weren’t cutting it.

The Problem

AJAX turned to Red Level, to develop an easy-to-use, secure, mobile solution—and Red Level responded by delivering an effective app array in a minimal amount of time. The consultative process began with Red Level experts gaining a thorough understanding of AJAX’s business challenges and objectives. AJAX wanted to streamline the process of reporting the drivers’ times and process the information as swiftly as possible. At the same time, the company wanted to document job and journey details: Precise time frames, materials, and plants being hauled, specific jobs, and other pertinent information. AJAX needed the solution to be as intuitive and as error-proof as possible. Taking into consideration that their drivers, work extended hours and require an application that enables them to log and submit their time with minimal effort easily.

The Solution

Simplicity, speed of deployment, and cross-platform interoperability were top priorities for this mobile application. AJAX partnered with Red Level because of their extensive expertise with Microsoft PowerApps. Red Level architected a new data repository for the Time Tracking application to facilitate a smooth integration of existing and new data sources.

Through consultation with the AJAX’s stakeholders, the Red Level team also determined that usability and error-proofing were particularly important factors for consideration. Drivers needed to be able to use the app quickly and effectively, including in low-light conditions, without making mistakes. Careful attention to user interface design made for intuitive and simple navigation and usage; the ability for drivers to select from predetermined options pulled from the existing ERP database, rather than manually entering information, helped eliminate errors. One significant error solved – it is no longer possible for drive times to be inadvertently “double-booked;” the system automatically detects and rejects overlapping time entries. To simplify operation, users are only shown information applicable to their persona and selections.


A Backoffice SharePoint interface was developed for the fleet managers to validate and approve drivers’ time entries while the other was designed for payroll personnel responsible for exporting and processing time logs. While automated importing of time card data into payroll systems is possible, AJAX opted to maintain a manual process for a second level of validation; consequently, Red Level integrated the ability for payroll users to easily export time data in a format that is compatible with AJAX’s Backoffice systems. Following initial consultations in early December, the Red Level team was able to fully develop and test the apps by late January, with an organization-wide launch taking place in May. Now AJAX’s drivers can accurately report their time and activity information through a simple four-step mobile app-enabled process. Time validation and payroll processing is accelerated, improving operating efficiency.

Key Features

» Accelerated, more accurate reporting of time to payroll
» Elimination of manual tabulation, validation, and processing of paper-based reports
» Prevention of common time reporting errors resulting from manual data entry
» Fully functional and available in iOS and Android
» Selectable day and night views dependent upon driver preference
» Reduced need for manual research and error-checking by managers and payroll personnel
» Simple, intuitive design results in minimal training necessary
» Drivers/managers alerted to overdue or unsubmitted timesheets/reports

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