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Valo Intranet by Red Level

Valo Intranet Dodorm Desktop Computer

Fall In Love With Your Intranet

Your Intranet is the front door to your digital workplace. Create one your employees want to open with Valo and Red Level

It’s an unfortunate truth – most employees hate their intranet. The most common complaints we hear are information is hard to find, content is outdated, the site isn’t easily searchable, the user experience is atrocious, and it can’t be used on your mobile phone. Does this sound like your intranet?

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Ready-to-go intranet on Office 365 and SharePoint

Looking for an easy intranet with a cost-effective fixed price? Valo delivered by Red Level is the right tool for more effective working days.

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Easy to Use. Quick to Install. Beautiful to Boot.

This Intranet-in-a-box solution offers a best practices based solution so you don’t have to re-invent the intranet wheel.

  • The user-centric design maximizes the modern and enjoyable employee experience
  • The pre-built information architecture is based on hundreds of real-life use cases so you can focus on the good stuff – your content
  • Communicate through social interaction with commenting, liking and sharing to amplify the voice of your employees
  • Beautifully brand the look and feel of your mobile responsive intranet so it fits your organization’s personality perfectly
Valo Intranet Works On Every Device Computer and Tablet
Valo Intranet from Red Level on your Laptop

Inclusive Features Cover The Traditional Intranet Needs

  • Inclusive features cover the traditional intranet needs
  • Intuitive news publishing allows you to delegate news publishing to the content owners while targeting news per department or location
  • Create content easily with pre-built page templates
  • The company-wide event hub lets everyone keep track of various company events
  • Plus get full access to surveys, forms, classifieds, news alerts, search, quick links, job postings, people blog, RSS feeds and the company FAQ page

Flexable. Expandable. Customizable.

  • Teamwork 2.0 allows you to govern who can create and update groups in Office 365
  • Social Hub let’s your employees like, comment and share on your external social content from one intranet page – Social Amplification turned up!
  • Add-on other features such as Delve blogs, videos, people finder, admin tool pack, idea management and multilingual capabilities
Valo Intranet Social Hub on a tablet

Your Brand in Flying Colors

Choose your favorite look and feel while customizing the color to your corporate brand and standards.

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Your Intranet Should Be The Center Of Communication & Collaboration

Bring your organization together through corporate news, events, alerts, and institutional knowledge of products, services, and processes. Valo delivered by Red Level is more than just a tool, it helps build a strong social culture and promotes efficiency for your employees.

Build the intranet of your employee’s dreams through a modular approach that lets you have your intranet your way with the benefit of best practice pre-built templates.

Valo Intranet Collaboration on a tablet

Level Up Your Corporate Intranet with Red Level and Valo

When it comes to custom intranets, Michigan business’s trust Red Level for speed, reliability, and security. Talk to an intranet expert at Red Level to find out how we can help level up your internal communications.