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IT Health Check Quick Start

Each year you go to your doctor for a quick health check. You make sure everything is in proper working order, and there are no system failures.

The same is true for your organization’s IT. You need to complete periodic health checks to ensure your systems are running the way they should, nothing is in failure mode, and the things are secure. But how do you track all of that?

IT Health Check Quick Start

The IT Health Check Quick Start is a way for your organization to take a guided tour through your most vulnerable systems. Evaluate your current systems and setups, understand the impact on your organization should the system fail, and build a remediation plan to get things back in tip-top shape.

The engagement consists of three half-day sessions to:

Understand what technologies your organization has deployed via sanctioned measures or through shadow IT

Review current IT practices in Network & Server Infrastructure, Business Continuity, and Security. Dig deep into your existing processes and procedures to uncover vulnerabilities and areas of improvement for efficiency, cost savings and security

Based on the information gathered from the first two sessions we will build an IT Roadmap to bring your IT back to health

IT Health Check Quick Start

I’m ready for the IT Health Check Quick Start but…

What will we gain?

» An overview of all technologies impacting your organization
» An in-depth understanding of your critical IT systems and how they affect your operations
» Recommendations based on your current environment and growth plans
» A roadmap for your IT strategy

How will it work?

1. In-Person Half-Day IT Assessment
2. In-Person Half-Day IT Survey Workshop
3. In-Person Half-Day Review Workshop
4. Personalized Findings & Roadmap Report

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