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Microsoft 365 Immersion Experience

Empowering people to achieve more.

Microsoft 365 offers many powerful tools, but it can be overwhelming. The Microsoft 365 Immersion Experience provides direction.

The Microsoft 365 Immersion Experience

The Microsoft 365 Immersion Experience is a hands-on environment where you can test-drive best-in-class technologies, including Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, and more. These sessions enable you to explore the full potential of Microsoft productivity tools and discover firsthand how they can help solve your business needs.

Each engagement consists of:

This session is customized to your specific business priorities; you’ll start the session in a roundtable, discussing your biggest challenges, and then join a live experience

Certified facilitators will guide you through a hands-on experience to see how the capabilities of Office 365 and Windows 10 can meet your needs in this collaborative, fun environment

»  Find information quickly and share information easily
»  Maintain compliance, reduce phishing attacks, secure easy access
»  Improve business processes, manage projects and tasks, and gain business insights
»  Manage content effectively, present with confidence, and run engaging meetings

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I’m ready for the Microsoft 365 Experience, but…

What will we gain?

» Create and share content and working together in real-time
» Communicate with others, directly, through their groups and teams across the organization
» Coordinate meetings, projects, tasks, and collective work products to get the job done
» Connect with people across the organization to find content and expertise, share best practices, drive engagement, and harness the collective knowledge within your organization

How will it work?

1. 3 to 4-hour workshop delivered by a Microsoft-certified facilitator
2. 1 hour of follow up consulting
3. Presentation with next steps recommendations

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