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Microsoft Flow

Red Level + Microsoft Flow

Get your company moving with process
automation via Microsoft Flow

Process automation is the new great thing, even though it’s been around for quite a while. With hundreds of articles and blog posts on how and why to leverage process automation at your disposal, it’s hard to know where to start. ​

Fortunately for organizations that run Office and Microsoft 365 you already have a great tool at your disposal: Microsoft Flow. (If you don’t, we can help you with that too.)

How do we get started?

Red Level knows that implementing new technology and processes can be a daunting challenge. We often hear “We don’t know what we don’t know” or “We didn’t know that tool would be a good fit for that business problem.” ​

Red Level’s process automation and workflow experts enable your organization to work smarter and get more done by automating redundant manual processes through automated workflows across your business applications and services.

We help you to maximize the value of your process automation efforts with our three-pronged approach: ​

  • Understand: Learn core features and use-cases of Microsoft Flow. This is like teaching an artist about the brushes and the canvas’s they will paint on. ​
  • Design: Dive into a current business situation that your organization is facing. A Red Level consultant can walk you through designing an approach for how Microsoft Flow can be used to streamline or automate your business process.
  • Build: Work with Red Level process automation and workflow consultants to build a solution for your organization’s needs with professional guidance.

Our approach enables your organization to quickly automate processes and workflows with a tool you already own, building your knowledge, capabilities, and results.

Red Level Enables Your Process Automation Plan

Engage with Red Level to get the most out of your workflow automation today.

Start automating repetitive tasks the easy way by integrating your favorite apps with Microsoft Flow and Red Level. Getting started is a breeze when you contact Red Level.