The Charitable Side of TEDxDetroit

This was my second year attending TEDxDetroit. Last year, I sat in the Fox and took in all of the inspiration, perspective and glory that the presenters had to offer. This year, I attended as a volunteer – specifically the TEDxDetroit charitable giving volunteer. While I loved the presentations from the first year what blew me away this year was all of you. I spoke with hundreds of attendees and presenters, and listened to your stories as you told me how you were personally impacted by the charities we sponsored. To each of you who donated or took a moment to express gratitude – thank you for giving me my best TEDxDetroit experience. I had many people ask for more [...]

Here’s a Good Idea: TEDxDetroit

Think of every good thing you’ve ever seen happen – in your own life, in the lives of your family and friends, or in the world around you. What do they all have in common? Chances are that they all started with the same thing: A good idea. Ideas are powerful things. They have a way of setting events in motion – for better or for worse – and transforming themselves from possibilities into probabilities, and from probabilities into realities. A groundbreaking scientific discovery, a lifesaving medical procedure, a major humanitarian initiative, a brilliant work of art – all begin from the same modest foundation: An individual or a group asking themselves “What if?”, and letting a new idea come [...]