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VMware’s vSphere 5.5 has served countless businesses, and many Red Level clients, exceedingly well. As a cloud computing virtualization platform, vSphere 5.5 placed features and functions that were undreamed of previously, and made managing complex hybrid cloud environments incredibly easy and effective. Our clients reported outstanding stability and security, and they came to count on vSphere 5.5 to a remarkable degree – and many have been more than a little reluctant to let it go. […]

Clean Out “Dead Tech” – For Safety’s Sake

In the world of IT, there's never a shortage of things vying for your attentions - and never a shortage of "must-do" tasks to be preformed.  Some of these are time - and energy-intensive, and despite their "must-do status, they still wind up being nudged aside.  Cleaning out or replacing old technology tends to be one of these.  Don't let it be. More and more, companies are waking up to the fact that outdated hardware and software aren't just inconveniences or sources of inefficiency - they are a security threat.  There are still many companies out there running Windows XP and other unsupported operating systems and since Microsoft no longer produces security patches for critical vulnerabilities in the operating system, [...]

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CYBERCRIME: 9 Steps to Safeguard Your Organizations Data and Technology

There's a strong argument to be made that "Cybercrime" is more of a threat than physical crime to most people and organizations.  The more you thinks about the hypothesis, the more alarming it becomes. A physical crime typically depends upon the victim and the perpetrator (or group of perpetrators) being in the same place at the same time.  That requirement doesn't hold true for individual hackers, sophisticated crime syndicates, foreign governments, or corporate espionage specialists.  Vast underground networks of digital criminals trade information and conspire for purpose of sabotage, theft and fraud, often working across borders that place them out of reach of law enforcement. For the past decade, security has consistently ranked as either the #1 or #2 concern  of [...]

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