AppCARE – Managed Services for Custom Apps

If There’s An App For It, You Need AppCARE For It.

Apps to help their internal teams, partners, and customers communicate, collaborate, and close more sales. But developing a custom application is just first step. What happens after the launch? That’s where AppCARE comes in.

Red Level’s AppCARE, application-specific managed services, provides you access to our pool of consulting resources for your custom developed apps, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft PowerAutomate, Yammer, Valo Intranet, Nintex Workflow Automation plus many other web and mobile-ready applications.

We’ve helped Steelcase drive efficiency, quality and savings; ASR Health Benefits build health coverage efficiency and improve member relations; Ajax Paving keep drivers, job details and payroll on track.

We improve organizational efficiency, streamline your processes, and transform technology with an agile process: Planning, Designing, Developing, Accepting, and Implementing to ensure your solution meets all the crucial requirements to guarantee success and engagement.

AppCARE Capabilities

AppCARE unlocks our talented team of developers, collaboration specialists, UIUX consultants, and technology consultants to maintain, enhance, and keep your app secure.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    There’s a new hack, virus, malware, or phishing attack released into the wild every day. We help you stay a step ahead of the bad guys.

  • Analytics & Business Intelligence

    Big data is good. Business insights are priceless. We help you visualize your data and transform all of those 1’s & 0’s into actionable information.

  • Debugging

    We squash those nagging bugs dead.

  • API Development & Integration

    Is your app playing nice with others? We can ensure it communicates with all of your other systems for maximum organizational efficiency.

  • Accessibility

    From ADA compliance to BYOD compatibility, we’ll make sure all of your stakeholders can use your app.

  • Content Management

    Is your content due for a refresh? We have the strategies and technologies you need to streamline your updates.

  • Coding & Development

    “Wouldn’t it be great if our app did…” From simple feature requests to version 2.0, we’ve got you covered.

  • User Experience

    Is it time to improve your interface or information architecture? Our UX team can level up all aspects of your users’ experience.

  • User Adoption

    A great app isn’t great if no one is using it. Our consultants have training strategies to increase adoption and volume of use.

Key Features

» User Experience UX/UI/QA
» Accessiblity
» Preventative Maintenance
» Analytics & Business Intelligence
» API Development & Integration
» Coding & Development
» User Adoption
» Debugging
» Content Management

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